Lela Perez

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A Little About Lela

Lela Perez is a former Marketing & Sales Rep at Santa Cruz Animal Health. Her focus in this position was the company's social media presence, but she also performed inbound sales, customer service, and event marketing functions. She has been a social media enthusiast since 2009, and is a prolific content creator. She has enjoyed talking to farmers on Twitter and about hot topics in the food conversation on live interactive video. She has worked for a tech startup company, has worked at an assisted reproduction animal breeding facility, and has one year each of experience in laboratory research and mixed animal veterinary clinical settings. She graduated from Texas A&M University in 2015 with a Bachelor's degree in Animal Science and a minor in Business Administration. At a young age she owned and operated a show animal business where she learned marketing and customer service skills before she knew what they were. The name is pronounced LEE-Lah. She can be found on every social media platform as @lelper.

What's on My Plate Right Now?

I got to watch this cutie being born into the world!

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Blue skies here. #dallas #igtexas

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