Lela Perez

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Step 1: Download the IF App from the App store or Play Store, open it and tap "Get started."

Step 2: Create your account by simply entering an email and a password.

Step 3: Tap the mortar & pestle to access your "Recipes" as they are called.

Step 4: We don't have any recipes yet. Tap the + to add a new one.

Step 5: Tap the search button to find the exact recipe we're looking for.

Step 6: Type "foodagsocial" in the search bar to find our recipe. Then tap on the recipe to add it!

Step 7: This gives you a preview of what the recipe does. Tap "Add."

Step 8: Now we need to connect your instagram. Click Continue and IF App will find it for you.

Step 9: IF has found your instagram, so click "Open" to let it do its magic.

Step 10: Your Instagram is now connected and IF can grab your photos to tweet them!

Step 11: Next we need to connect your Twitter so that IF can send those tweets. Tap "Continue."

Step 12: IF App has found your twitter (you may need to login). Click "Authorize" so IF can tweet!

Step 13: Tap "Open" just like we did with Instagram.

Step 14: Tap "Done," and IF will be able to post your instagram photos to Twitter for you! YAY

Step 15: Tap "Done" once again.

That's it! You will see your recipe in "My Recipes" and "Personal Recipe Created" on the home page.

Exit the IF app and post an instagram photo to test it! 
This may take up to 15 minutes to work the first time. 

Tell your friends they'll be seeing your Instagram photos on Twitter!