Lela Perez

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Welcome to Let's Talk Food #MeerFood

Wanting increase public food knowledge via an emerging technology, I started live streaming on Meerkat from my iPhone to bring together those passionate about what they are eating. Consequently I've made many new friends who love to cook, garden, and who have amazing stories of taking control of their health. I have also conducted interviews with farmers to connect these consumers directly back to the source of their food.


This Twitter hashtag was coined for Meerkat by Lela Perez as an open forum to discuss all aspects of the food industry - from animal and crop production, to what ends up on plates at home and in restaurants, and for anyone to share their own stream about food. Each globally interactive live stream is guided by a topic but is largely driven by viewers free to bring up any food related topic during the conversation. Viewers can also submit articles and thoughts to be talked about by tweeting @meerfood or using the #meerfood hashtag. See below when we will be live next and subscribe to join the discussion!