Lela Perez

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Santa Cruz Animal Health 2016-2017

Marketing and Sales Representative

I couldn't have asked for a better opportunity to use my knowledge and skills in animal science and combine them with my passion for all things social media. The company's 7 twitter accounts, 3 Facebook pages, and other social media platforms kept me busy. I was also responsible for moderating product reviews on the company's web site and gathering testimonials for print and social media use, as well as assisting with NASC regulatory compliance for social media and website copy. I also had the opportunity to help out in the sales department with inbound sales, customer service, and event marketing through different periods during my time at Santa Cruz.

EnLab, LLC 2015-2016

Head of Marketing and Communications

EnLab was a startup venture focusing on harnessing the business opportunities of WebRTC peer-to-peer video conferencing technology. While this company was ultimately disbanded, it was a wonderful lesson in teamwork and in doing whatever is necessary to get a job done. I explored various social media tools and techniques in order to find what worked best to grow the company's online presence.

Animal Behavior Research 2014

Heat Reflective Hutch Covers

This project allowed me to work under Dr. Ted Friend with a team of  two undergrads and a graduate student to produce the necessary materials for this behavioral and physiological research study. The reflective calf hutch covers, pictured bottom left as we cut one, were secured to the calf hutch pictured in the top right with the custom cut bungee cords to its left. Top left shows the heat cutting machine used to cut the bungees to length. Temperature sensors pictured bottom middle and bottom right were insulated and secured inside of calf hutches. 

Physiology of Reproduction Research Lab 2013-2014

UGT genes and uterine/ovary tissue morphology in Ewes

The privilege of working under Dr. Carey Satterfield allowed me to discover my love for laboratory research.

Top 3 photos are part of the setup for a PCR assay to examine expression of a gene in the UGT family.

Bottom 6 photos are of the tissue histology slide making, staining, and digital imaging process. Tissues evaluated included ovaries and uterine epithelial in normal fed and in nutrient-resricted ewes.

Global Genetics & Biologicals 2013

Semen Collection and Embryo Transfer

As an Animal Care Technician, I worked with a variety of domestic species at an assisted reproduction facility. These included goats, rabbits, guinea pigs, a horse, and some cattle. I assisted with numerous embryo transfer surgeries as well as semen collection in addition to daily care and feeding of all animals at the facility. It was my responsibility to transcribe anesthesia notes and operate the anesthesia machine during surgical procedures.

Veterinary Volunteer & Shadowing 2012-2013

Philips Veterinary Hospital

Feb-Nov 2013

Semi-rural mixed practice with two veterinarians who saw everything from rabbits to cattle and made farm calls. A memorable experience was assisting a dog who had been given emetic drugs after ingesting rat poison. 

Brazos Valley Equine Hospital

Dec 2013-May 2014 

Equine practice equipped with a full surgery suite. The practice also saw camelids. Memorable experiences here were helping with equine X-rays and assisting with a few surgeries including one on an alpaca's rumen. 

Natty Dwarfs Rabbitry 2006-2013


Netherland Dwarf Show Rabbits

As my first venture into the business and branding arena, my rabbit business was pleasingly successful. I learned how to conduct business and to this day take it very seriously. I also learned that I love helping people and teaching them. My highest achievement came with a 2nd Reserve in Show at the 2011 Texas Rabbit Breeders Association State Rabbit Show for a female rabbit I bred and raised myself. The rabbitry project was spurred by my membership in FFA and tolerated by my loving parents who supported me in everything I wanted to do throughout my childhood.