Lela Perez

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SCUBA Diaries

Part 1: Before the Plunge -
A recorded phone conversation with a friend about my learning SCUBA in a couple days. Transcript below provided by Anchor.fm, still being edited for correctness.

I don't know if I've told you this yet
but apparently I'm going to learn how to ski with
were and totally **** jealous now and then
so I had tell me all about it she's just hello
I'm I'm still doing the class part right now like
you have to go through this online course
and I get to get in the pool with scuba gear
and everything on Saturday
I'm just like
are you
concerned at all were yes
the the thing I'm most concerned about is
feeling comfortable wearing the mask which totally
covers my nose and basically prevents me from
through minority
are you telling your go back at all
or not particularly
but the thing I'm worried about is like reading
through my mouth first my nose like I was a gag
here at the dentist for the longest time
we movejust because I wouldn't breeze through my nose
without reading through my mouth or whatever something
like that
and now it's going to be the opposite way and
it's going to be under water
that's really strange
make some sense some sort of weird response the
we would call the
it's just sort of slow I mean your your mouth
and your nose that connected in several I know
but what carving the to like you know what I'm
saying like with Carlo what housing eat just about
well the fact that I'm getting value using or
it's not mostly innings anything because
it's like the fact that I'm going to be under
and if I don't feel like I can breeze then I can't
just you know take it off and brief right
your breeder slaughter
I'm I'm just now learning in that then it was
called the scan your legs
gets as they put you up
I never I'm just saying weird to me because I've
never had to deal
what do you mean more
I don't know I don't know what I'm
trying to say other than it just seems strange
to me like it so
if I could Strickland does
I could breathe perfectly fine
so I just can't put myself in your shoes
I don't understand it that's all such anyway what
do you mean
I mean increased through my mouth perfectly fine
if I can Strickland occurs
I'm just like what why is it
okay so the problem
is you're going to be under water and there's
going to be running your mouth that seating you
err snorkel or whatever
but if he if the mouth thing comes our church
or anything else happens then you can't breathe
through your nose which is what you would like
naturally want to do right
like if you're not breezing through your mouth
you're going to want to breathe through your nose
thank you overthinking just political
probably it's probably going to be more simple
one time actually doing it but I just really do
not like the idea of not being able to breathe
when I
want to or need to you know
it's got to be some way of practicing
some CDS that I've been wanting to like jump in
the pool but it's been like
sixty seventy degrees air temperature
Lima Ohio
unlike the pool is going to be **** cold
he is like already have my Maskin fans and stuff
okay so what do you doing this for again