Lela Perez

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The Great Veganism Debate

Here is a collection of arguments that vegans and animal rights activists make, and things to say nicely in response, or you can just link them to this page. There are five main topics addressed here so you can scroll to find any argument in question: 

  • Sentience - animals have emotions and want to live with basic rights
  • Animal abuse, quality of life, and slaughter
  • Herbivorism - humans are meant to be herbivores not omnivores
  • Sustainability & Environmentalism
  • Human shaming - ethical & emotional arguments like “if you wouldn’t eat your dog”

If you know of an argument that needs to be addressed, something here that could be made better, or have a source to add please let me know. This set of pages can be a constantly evolving community resource. Note1: the word ‘argument’ here is used to mean making a point, not the colloquial meaning like fighting. Note2: All aspects of animal agriculture are acknowledged here, and things that are often downplayed to try to improve the image of animal ag are not ignored. All